Thursday, April 9, 2009


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I did a song of the week post two days ago...and now its magically poofed wtf moment...ill get the songs link back up as soon as i get the Mediafire link...The song was Second Chance by Shinedown.


Monday, April 6, 2009

New beginnings

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Okay its been a year and so what ...arent we all busy ?Now i got time to get to the blogging again ill post more of my poems as well as other ones that i think are great ...Feel free to use em but please give credits to the respective poets ^^
Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another new one

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Hello everyone,i wrote a new poem.Here it is.btw i use a green font cause its easier to see...though if you guys have any suggestions on colour please let me know.Thats all for now. =D


You are my friend,
You are my lover,
You are my everything,
You are the sun in my sky,
You are the air that i breathe,
You are the the whole meaning of my existence,
You are my will to live
You I have loved since i saw you,
You I will love till the end of time,
You I have been destined to be with,
You are fated to be with me forever,
You God sent to love me,
You are my angel whom i love,
You I will never forsake,
You I hope will never leave my side,
You are my summer,
You keep my heart warm,
You are my winter,
You teach me the beauty of the world,
You show me true understanding,
You show me true compassion,
You my love,
You are all this,
You are also so much more then that,
Only You.
Friday, May 30, 2008

The Other One

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Life Is Meaningless

God put life into this hollow shell,
But I guess He forgot my soul,
FOr I feel like nothing but a puppet,
And yet all that I live for is meaningless,
I arise to nothing and I dream of nothing,
For dreams give life purpose,
Even if I have dreams,
They stand for nothing,
I came from the dust and I'm destined to become dust once more,
I have tried to feel "alive",
I've shed my own blood,
Contemplated my own suicide,
But all to no avail,
Damn all of this,
Damn this to the furthest reaches of Hell,
I want to live,
To have a purpose,
To hahve a meaning,
It seems the only life i will truly live,
Is one of meaningless existence and torture.

A New poem

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Ok,its been a while since ive posted anything...==...ive been here i am,back with 2 new poems...ones an emo one i wrote awhile back and one more is on love =\
Im a sucker for love.

This here is the love one
I see it everyday
The pink of her love
The blue of eyes
black of her hair
The re
d of her passion
The white of her sincerity
A world without her
Is like a world without colour,
How would I see the beauty in her anymore?
And I ponder
I learn
I know
And so I say
Cherish her with all my heart
Love her with all my soul
Protect her with all my might
And pray
And will
Will her to never lose the colours
Of which without, she will never be.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Friends to The End

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This i wrote to my friends when i moved to a new state.All of them said it was touching...but i don't think its THAT it?


Through the thick and the thins,
we remain foever together,
hand in hand,
friends to the end.

Though we will be seperated by distance,
our hearts remain in the same place,
side by side,
friends to the end

Though i may not see you smile or cry,
never forget our bond,
heart to heart,
friends to the end

Though ill make new friends,
i'll always remember you,
close to my heart and soul you'll be,
friends to the end.

In the end,
of this life,
ill take one thing to my grave,
my love for you,
friends to the end

A Proposal

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This is one of the poems that i wrote awhile back,hope you like it.

A Proposal

Beauty greater then a goddess,

Heart of an angel,

I was mesmerized from my first glance at you,

From the first day i saw you,

I knew that you were the only one for me,

And now i ask for your hand,

Not even Death's scythe will shake me,

The sands of time will never fade me,

Oceans and seas I will traverse,

To make you mine,

I know that if i give this chance away,

Eternal regret will befall me,


Will you be mine?

I will love you,




Is My eternal promise